Our Services


PSC supplements a company's resources by providing Permanent + Contract Personnel Placement, Strategic Business Planning, and Communications + Marketing solutions.  

Permanent + Contract Personnel Placement

Our goal is to find qualified individuals who are also a good cultural fit. It is essential to ensure a candidate's demeanor and aspirations are a good fit with a company, so they feel satisfied with their job. This approach produces productive and loyal employees. It is also very fulfilling to us personally, to help clients solve their personnel needs, while making a real difference in an individual's life.

PSC has 40 years of business management and placement experience. We source qualified, committed employees for all levels and departments of an organization: Management including Executive and Departmental; Sales and Marketing; Human Resources; Client Services; Financial; Engineering, and Office Support.

We also have vast experience placing Information Technology professionals. We are knowledgeable about terminology related to various platforms, software, and hardware. This insight enables us to better communicate with candidates to assess if their skills and aspirations are a match for the company and the position requirements. In the IT arena, we place CIOs, IT Directors and Managers, Programmers, Analysts, Network Architects, and Database Administrators.

What makes us different than other search firms or head hunters? We are great at building rapport with our candidates, which allows us to learn much more about someone than what is on their resume. We find out what drives them, what they care about, what they are looking for in a new company, and if their demeanor is a good fit for the position.

PSC is proudly a Midwest based company. Although we place and source candidates in companies all over North America, we use our Midwest values when dealing with clients and candidates. We are easy to communicate with, genuine, and very responsive.

Strategic Planning

PSC provides Strategic Planning services with practical wisdom and direction to help companies manage their growth and continuity. We assist start-up and established businesses to create plans and road maps to better align their infrastructure, operations, and sales and marketing departments, to support their overall business goals.

IT Business Planning
We offer supplemental or temporary support to your IT management team. Dan Kilpatrick uses his C-level perspective and 40 years of management experience to evaluate how efficiently an IT department functions and supports its company’s business goals. His recommendations about a company’s infrastructure and operations, enables management to make critical decisions to move their business forward. If needed, PSC has technical talent available to footprint an organization’s hardware and software needs. We can also provide the tactical resources to support those needs.

Marketing Planning
PSC helps start-up and small businesses create a foundation for building their business. Would you make a major life decision, such as buying a house, without researching your options and knowing your budget? Many small businesses set up shop and hope for the best, without taking the time to create a strategic and tactical plan. Lori Jorgensen will evaluate your company’s strengths, challenges, resources, and goals to help you create a Marketing Plan. Your plan will include a Mission Statement, Competitive Analysis, Target Market, Services Outline, Budget, Tactical Plan and Timeline, and ROI Metrics.

Communications + Marketing

Lori Jorgensen offers 25 years of B2B and B2C marketing experience to provide small businesses with the skills and expertise that they might not have in-house.

Identity Creation and Branding

*  Company name and domain name recommendation and establishment

*  Branding including creation of logos and identity standards for images, fonts, and colors
*  Collateral copywriting and desktop publishing of business cards, brochures, and signage for traditional printing or digital use

Online Content Management

*  Websites: creation of site layout, look and feel, and copywriting; wordsmithing and editing of existing content
*  Business and Social Networking Sites: set up, copywriting,  and image creation for individual and business accounts on Linked-in and Facebook
*  Emails: set up of signatures and v-cards; copywriting of business communications

Campaign Development

*  Digital marketing: email blasts; online advertising; social networking promotions
*  Traditional marketing: direct mail; print advertising; recipricol marketing, seminars, workshops, and trade shows